FREN 444: TP1

Valeur totale: 12 points. À remettre au plus tard le 15 janvier 2015. Les réponses doivent être dactylographiées. L'évaluation du travail sera basée sur la qualité de la traduction et sur la correction grammaticale.

1) Traduire en français (valeur: 6 points)

Ultimately, two methods of making ice cider were developed; they are still in use today.

In the first, “cryo-concentration,” apples harvested in late autumn are put into storage until the outside temperature drops regularly below zero. The apples are then pressed, and the juice is left out in the cold. Over time, the water freezes and separates from the sugar, and what is left is a highly concentrated “must,” which represents about one-quarter of the original liquid volume. This juice is then fermented for up to one year.

The other way to get the juice is via “cryo-extraction,” whereby apples are left to freeze on the branches. They are harvested from October until January, and pressed directly. The result is generally a denser texture that produces more complex ciders.

2) Traduire en anglais (valeur: 6 points)

X = la marque commerciale du produit