Contact the VinciLingua project

The materials we have developed are available in open-access format. We would ask only that they not be modified and that our authorship be recognized when they are used. They are on a server with some capacity, so feel free to link to them.

Beyond making materials available, our goal is to encourage others (teachers, researchers, learners) to participate in improving these materials and developing others. To that end:

  1. the ivi/Vinci software which is at the core of the generative environment, is available in compiled form for a variety of platforms, including Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Solaris, Windows, and FreeBSD. Click here to see the list. Ivi/Vinci includes an editor and grammar interpreter. You are encouraged to download it and play. Click here for documentation on how to use the editor and how to write grammars.
  2. VinciLingua includes a variety of generative and interactive models. Researchers interesting in exploring these should contact us. (See below for contact details.)
  3. Language teachers interested in using or extending the models on this site are also encouraged to contact us. We do not have the resources to produce great masses of new materials, but we are interested in ideas for what might be done, or suggestions for improving what we have produced. (Contact information below).
  4. The materials shown here are currently being used in two online courses (FRST105, FRST125) taught at Queen's University. Learners interested in getting academic credit should contact them directly. Institutions interested in using our materials should contact us.
  5. Learners interested in obtaining a userid and password for the open-access site should contact us directly (see below). Unlike anonymous logins, registered logins provide information on how learners have performed.
  6. VinciLingua exercises also permit teachers to follow the progress of learners and classes, as well as generating quizzes from exercises which become available to all students in a class and which are marked by the generative system. Teachers interested in exploring these features should contact us.

To contact us, please write to: